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I love to create imagery that mimics dreams and is emotive.  From the beginning, when I was a child and discovered photography I always visualized my ideas as a dream. It was intuitive and pure. To this day when I create my art, the images that come to me are fluid and flowing, similar to the feeling of wind or water. They are very peaceful and soft.  Wedding gowns are the perfect products for me to dedicate my art to. What motivates me is telling a brand’s story in such a way with images that are strategic pieces of art that they lead to growth and success.

If you are a designer, brand owner that needs help with a new line, look book, or rebranding let’s have a chat! I love the process as much as actually creating the work so, please, let’s dream up your next project together!

Naturally, I use a similar approach to the way I photograph real brides on their wedding day. On the day of the wedding, I always make it a priority to capture beautiful photos of the bride in her dress, but wedding days have very strict timelines. For this reason, I offer bridal fashion sessions for real brides. There is more flexibility with the location, time of day (lighting is everything), and amount of time allowed to create pieces of art. 

bride by rock landscape
black and white photo of bride holding veil
black and white photo of bride holding dress and spinning
photo inside of brides veil
woman behind purple flowers
black and white photo of bride
bride sitting on foot of bed
woman standing with a white horse
bride in the bright sunlight
focus shot on skirt of brides dress
woman behind her hair
bride sitting on chase posing
bride laughing
bride with veil and sky background
bride in field with foothills background
bride posing in front of metal decorative door
bride standing on rock at scenic overlook
woman laying in water on the beach
bride posing in doorway
closeup of bride wearing wedding dress
black and white photo of bride looking down
photo of woman holding necklace
bride looking at mountains
black and white photo of bride in veil
close up of bride behind veil
bride posing in front of mountains
brides veil
woman posing with arms up in shallow ocean with waves
bride sitting at table drinking tea
bride with veil and sky background
bride in front of window
bride smiling in sunshine
bride smiling with bouquet of flowers
photo with the bride under her veil
bride looking through veil
woman sitting on wet rock by ocean waves
bride posing in sunlight
bride walking down the aisle
photo of bride through veil
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