Couple standing with pyrotechnics after getting married

Maria and Hari Hanulic’s Wedding 

Even though the pandemic changed how weddings happen, one thing that hasn’t changed for many couples is the role their families play in their big day. As a wedding photographer, even though my focus mostly stays on my bride and groom, I love seeing my couples’ families come together to support and celebrate them. With their families as an integral and important part of the wedding, Maria and Hari Hanulic got married at the stunning Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings. From the wedding venue to the decor – my bride and groom ensured that everything was planned to perfection. 

Maria and Hari Hanulic’s Brittany Hill Wedding

Maria, who is Mexican, met Hari, who is eastern European, in 2012, and besides picture-perfect, the couple made their wedding all about their families by involving them in the ceremony. Hari’s sister and brother-in-law were the witnesses who signed the marriage license. The bride’s brother and wife were part of the blessing ceremony. Maria was an absolutely gorgeous bride with a bridal dress that deserved its own spotlight. Hari looked dapper in his blue suit as he posed for some solo portraits for me. 

When I say my couple made sure their family was a part of their wedding, they ensured that even the little ones had an important role to play. The bride’s brother’s twin daughters were the flower girls, and they were so cute! I got some adorable pictures of the girls with the bride as she was getting ready. My favorite has to be the one where they are just admiring and looking at Maria’s bridal dress with such innocence and wonder! The groom’s sister’s son was the ring-bearer, and he looked super handsome, dressed in a blue checkered suit. Both the bride and groom’s parents, who have been married for more than 30 years, were also there. So it’s safe to say that there was no scarcity of love and good vibes at this wedding.

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Besides my lovely couple and their families, one of the highlights of this wedding was the picturesque venue. Brittany Hill gave me some major castle on the hill vibes. With spectacular views of downtown Denver spanning all the way across to the Rocky Mountains, this wedding venue literally made me feel like we were on top of the world! There were plenty of photo ops so I didn’t have to spend too much time looking for spots to take romantic portraits of my bride and groom. As a wedding photographer, that’s always a treat since I get more time to take photos. In addition, the venue had a classic indoor chapel, two enormous dressing suites with incredible views and fantastic lighting (thanks to the weather) , and indoor and outdoor ceremony spots.

Maria and Hari, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your glorious wedding! I loved watching you both get married in the presence of all your loved ones. I wish you both all the love and light and a beautiful married life together! 

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The left picture is a pastel bouquet of flowers. The right picture is the bride in her robe standing next to her hanging wedding dress.
Bride is knelt down in between two flower girls before the wedding.
The left photo is of the brides heels with gold and clear gems. The right photo is the bouquet of pastel-colored flowers.
The left photo is of the bride in her dress with it fanned out around her on the ground. The right picture is the bride holding hands and talking to the ring bearer boy.
The bride with 3 women helping her get ready. One is helping her put earings in.
The left photo is of the bride knelt down next to the two flower girls as they all admire the brides hanging wedding dress.
The left photo is of the groom with wedding party members standing behind him. The right photo is of the groom adjusting his tie.
Woman helps bride put on her veil.
Women help the bride put on her veil and get ready for the wedding.
The left photo shows the bride posed with her bouquet of pastel-colored flowers. The right photo is the bride outside.
The left photo shows a woman tying the rings to the pillow for the ring bearer to carry. The right photo shows pastel-colored corsages.
The left photo shows a view of the groom and officiate from behind the bride as she is about to walk down the aisle. The right photo is of the bride and groom holding hands while getting married. The officiate and ring bearer are in the photo as well.
The bride and groom are being roped together at their wedding ceremony.
The left image shows the bride and groom smiling and walking down the aisle together as flower pedals fall. The right photo is of the bride and groom kissing at the back of the aisle with everyone watching as they leave.
Groom holding his bride closely as they kiss.
The wedding cake which is frosted with white and flowers.
The sun shining on a set table in the wedding reception hall.
Bouquet of flowers with pink, blue and green.
A photo of the bride and groom and a close up of the bride and groom.
A close up of the bride resting her head on the grooms chest and a photo of the bride and groom holding hands in a doorway arch with wooden doors behind them.
The bride and groom kissing behind the veil.
The groom spinning his bride outside and another photo of the bride and groom holding hands under a tree looking at the camera.
The groom dipping and kissing the bride and then a second picture of the bride and groom close together about to kiss.
The bride and groom walking out while firework fountains spray white sparkles after getting married.

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Venue: Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings 

Floral: Bitterroot Studio 

Cake: The Dessert Stand 

DJ: DJ Maestro