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I love shooting engagements and have been doing these sessions for quite a long time. In my experience, zeroing on to a photographer who will be the best fit for them is one task, but what’s even more challenging for couples is planning for the engagement session once it’s booked. Couples are often in the dark when it comes to things they will need to consider while preparing for the shoot. They need some direction to understand the process and also some guidance to ready themselves for the shoot which can sometimes be overlooked by other wedding plans. I have found that once they get the direction, they feel more at ease, less anxious, and are excited to do the shoot, and that’s exactly what a photographer wants. Your happiness is paramount for me, and that’s why I have decided to share some valuable tips for engagement session preparation here.

Tips to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

Before you begin reading my tips, I’d like to say — you are not alone, most couples find preparing for an engagement session to be nerve-wracking, but I am here to offer help that will put you at ease and make the process a breeze! Cheers!

1. Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

The first rule of fashion is to do what makes you feel comfortable and confident! Wear something similar to what you would wear out on a date. Get creative with patterns, textures, and accessories. It’s important that you coordinate with one another, but I suggest not matching too closely. Flowing tops, dresses, and skirts look great in photos, plus they are fun to dance around in too! Feel free to wear layers so we can add some variety to our shoot. Remember to dress for the weather and location. Steam and iron the outfits ahead of time so your clothes are wrinkle-free.

2. Consider Professional Hair & Makeup

If you feel confident in your hair and makeup skills, feel free to skip to the next step. However, if you want makeup specifically for photographs, consider having it done professionally. There is caution with having makeup done. You would want to look like yourself and not overdone, so choose wisely. I can also make suggestions for professionals I trust and work with. If you aren’t sure about what to do with your hair, it’s a great excuse to visit the salon. Most importantly, do what makes you feel comfortable!

3. The Ring

We want to see that sparkle! Since we will be shooting your ring, it’s a great idea to get it polished before the shoot. A simple local jewelry cleaner will do the trick. Your hands will be photographed, too, so you can put on your favorite nail polish, clear coat, or break out your manicure set.

4. The Location

Location is everything, so think about what you really love as a couple and choose a location that reflects your personality. It should have a profound meaning for both of you. I have a very adventurous spirit, and I am open to your suggestions and will also be happy to make suggestions. It could be in nature, a peaceful lake, under a city skyline, a horse ranch, or a sailboat. No matter where it is, make sure you choose somewhere that you know you will be comfortable being yourselves.

5. Timing

Schedule around the time before the sunsets to get some beautiful engagement images. The time can vary depending on the time of the year and your location. For example, it could be different in the mountains and something else for the beach. According to me, Colorado engagement portraits are best to take in the early afternoons. Early afternoon is when lighting is at its least favorable, and the shadows are harsh.

6. Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

This tip might look odd to you here, considering I already mentioned that these tips are meant to help you after you book an engagement session. But I’d like to reiterate that a good photographer can turn difficult situations into the best opportunities. It’s important that you research well and hire a wedding photographer to document this chapter in your relationship. Your engagement photos will be your forever memories, and you would want them to turn out to be their best. So, if possible, book the engagement session with your wedding photographer. This would give you a chance to work with and connect with your wedding photographer before your wedding day.

7. The Butterflies in Your Stomach

It’s okay to be nervous, but once you reach the shoot location, you will realize that you have started to feel better and relaxed. You will forget any stress or anxiety after you hear the first snap. As an engagement photographer, I always try to make it easy and fun for my couples. If you choose to get your shoot done by me, I will guide you at every step and help you know what to do. We will shake out the jitters together!

Enjoy Your Engagement Sessions With me!

All you couples out there, I’m here for YOU. I love to offer tips I have learned over the years to help you feel more comfortable and bring out the best in you as a couple! More than this, I love taking beautiful and romantic portraits of you wonderful people. I’d be delighted at the opportunity to be your engagement or wedding photographer! You can contact me here or give me a call at 646-785-3551. I can’t wait to hear from you! To see more of my work, you can check out my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

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