Groom kissing the hand of the bride as she is smiling.

Valerie & Chris’s Breakfast Wedding at The Manor House

When you are about to start a new journey with the love of your life, then why not make it happen at the start of a new day with a breakfast wedding? Picture this: You go to bed early, have a good night’s sleep, wake up bright and early, and get married around sunrise! Sounds like a great plan to me! And of course, if the weather allows, it’s also an ideal time for outdoor photographs. The light is super nice and it’s not too hot outside either. And all in all, it’s a beautiful setting to get married in (especially outdoors!) So, inspired by the thought and taken by the morning charm, my couple Valerie and Chris also decided to have a breakfast wedding at The Manor House in Littleton.  

The Manor House Wedding Photography

Valerie and Chris’s wedding was incredibly picture-perfect! It was a simple family affair, laced with elegance and, of course, lots of romance. My couple was up early and ready to celebrate the day ahead! I was already excited about photographing a breakfast wedding, and my happiness doubled when I got to The Manor House, which is definitely one of the most memorable venues I’ve ever shot in. 

I began the day by taking Valerie and Chris’s photos as they got ready. The lovely natural light from the windows was ideal for these photographs. As a photographer, I’d totally recommend The Manor House to couples planning to get married in Littleton. You’d not only get married in a venue with the most spectacular views, but you will also get to experience and offer your guests top-notch hospitality. 

Kids are always such an adorable addition to the wedding. I love how they take their roles so seriously and perform their duties with complete dedication. And this was the case at Valerie and Chris’s wedding too. Valerie’s son, who was the ringbearer, got ready with Chris. It was so heartwarming to see such a deep bond between the two. The couple’s nieces were the flower girls and looked so cute as they swirled around their dresses for photos. The little princesses also had tiaras on!

There are so many things I liked about this venue, but the lighting definitely had my heart. With the huge windows allowing plenty of light to flow inside, I barely had any trouble taking indoor photos. The venue was surrounded by breathtaking views from all sides, which also gave me the chance to photograph my couple with the majestic Rocky Mountains backdrop. Not missing any chances to document this venue in all its glory, I also took some wide-angle photos during the ceremony. With the mountains in the background, lush greenery all around, and a lovely blue sky above, to me, the whole setting seemed like a painting!

Celebrate Weddings With Hillary Moore Photography

Valerie and Chris, thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography. It was an honor to be a part of your celebration, and I wish you two a lifetime of togetherness and lots of happiness ahead! Also, thank you for bringing me to such a wonderful venue! I seriously cannot stop gushing about it.

If you are planning to get married any time soon, I would love to be your wedding photographer! I also photograph engagements, but most of all, I look forward to playing my little role in your love story by documenting your special day! If you are seeking an artistic and wholesome wedding photography experience, you can contact me here or give me a call at 646-785-3551. You can also drop in an email to me at I’d be happy to guide you through your wedding planning and offer wedding photography tips and ideas. To see more of my work, you can check out my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. 

The left image shows the brides wedding dress hanging with a window behind. The right image shows a book with a ring on top.
woman getting her makeup done for her wedding
woman with champagne glasses and a little girl putting her shoes on
groom helping a young boy tie his shoes
The left image shows the bride pre-wedding with her robe on in a door way. The right image shows a flower girl in a white dress putting her shoes on.
The left image shows a little boy dressed in a blue suit with a bow tie on. The right image is a black and white photo of the flower girl looking out a window.
Brides heels on a ottoman.
Grooms dress boots on a chair and a separate image of a candle chandelier centerpiece.
The left image is of the flower girls by a window in white dresses. The right image is of the flower girls spinning around an open room in their white dresses.
The left image is a black and white photo of the bride smiling. The right image is of the bride adjusting a bracelet as she gets ready before the wedding.
Two images of the bride putting her heels on before the wedding.
The left image shows the candles at the alter outside. The right image shows a woman playing the harp.
Two flower girls followed by the ring bearer walking down the stone path aisle outside.
The brides father walking the bride down the stone path aisle outside.
a view from the back of the wedding ceremony shows people seated in white chairs as the couple gets married with a backdrop of green foothills and blue partly-cloudy skies.
The left image shows the groom smiling. The right photo shows the bride and groom kissing at their wedding ceremony.
Pre-set table with wine glasses and two tall blue flower centerpieces.
The left photo shows the wedding cake, a large stack of crepes. The right photo shows a close up of  a crystal tabletop candle chandelier.
Couches facing each other in front of a fire place in a room within the reception area.
Large white house with pillars in front.
Mahogany wood decorated library with antler chandelier.
Two room-length dinner tables run on both sides of a long white reception hall decorated with industrial-themed wooden beams.
The left photo is the bride kissing the cheek of the ring bearer. The right photo is the bride and groom posing with a green mountain background.
The bride and groom smiling.
Black and white photos of the bride and groom looking at each other and smiling.
Groom dipping the bride as the pose and a photo of the bride holding her dress up to walk.
The bride and groom in separate photos looking out a window smiling.
The bride and groom cutting a cake.

Featured Colorado Wedding Vendors

  1. Venue: The Manor House, Littleton, CO
  2. Dress: Madilane Bridal
  3. Floral: Sara Mica Design
  4. Cake: Sweet Ride Bake Shop
  5. Glam: Aura Salon
  6. Harpist: Erin Newton, Colorado Harpist